Now we go now Wow no ER now it’s training now we hug now we go to see Rock baby I warned you man it’s early in the morning just got dropped off by the uber driver got like literally like one hour asleep man if you guys are new here I need everybody to subscribe to the channel right now.
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Join a family so we are definitely driving on bankers back to back besties for this vacation trip I ended up telling Bianca Rudy was going because I have to.

First seek a dress exactly for the weather and the weather is where we’re going is kind of like sketchy when you looked it.

Up that was kind of bad so uh we already checked Anna so we’re actually running a little late man Michael always like very bad we need hell with anything but she don’t know hopefully you make its appearance is like super long but anyway if you are new here subscribe right now during.

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On y’all honey did the weight room worse on man I’ve been filling up and falling a little little weak lately mmm just got our bags experience that I’m using actually look good what’s wrong on my.

Birthday you good baby what’s wrong got something on my teeth blood stain here is trash can right here huh you gonna make it y’all have to get you one of.

These bro you don’t have one get you one pass.

For again oh it’s too deep here it is only be barely made it man we was like a security line for how long.
30 minutes for white are you born oh no don’t.

Leave us hey maybe someday Oh barely buy her life I’m so excited y’all that Long’s like so long never oh oh I liked open up water they gave us water he was yeah but we got a pee-pee first class on first class first.

With got the TV I’ve got our own little hand wrist right here you move me then you got the plugs down there charge your iPhone look at my seat bro I’m literally at the front the wing way back there you go that’s crazy let me see what I’m like the watch I don’t know breaking in it’s a good movie of course which is other words except quiet what is what is it cool watching quiet I’m on to watch that Inquirer place.

I want to give it you two shutouts about brand-new headphones thanks to baby girl you know I’m Sam thanks to you put a new headphones hey yo check this out reboot we got up first class you got a pillow and.

A blanket I pick up sitting on there oh that felt much better pillow.

Blanket Dakota got a little cubby space again I’m.

Saying just landed man we got like another fight to catch see Anka was throwing.

Up morning sickness we don’t want to spend it at you feeling a little better yucky telling be honest you need to do what do you think it happened somebody was out there right there right now beating up yeah they are dark you think so these super behind y’all got like 20 minutes to get there you want to try to leave me off washy.

Onna why each I might leave me for our it’s off so this our last flight our connecting flight will be at our destination out the country first time ever man it is a big bite to do is it oh you mean like people yes a lot of people hyperspeed your birthday because I feel it four times.

We finally made it an art destination pull up take your Mane a yeah we had a good flight alright guys so we’ve made it to our hotel room finally finally finally we’ve been up since how long like 30 minutes yeah so we are extremely tired extremely hungry we get a fool we got to go.

Back and forth like Bob time cut off one plane we had a rest of the other one no food on the.

Plane like yes so we buy the guys a room tour of where we’d like to be stand out for the next couple of days and I’m so excited so you want to lead the way mom yes yeah.

Right here right here is our door on the water for nobody you know come in and over this way this.

Is a door I don’t know if it’s somebody.

Else’s room or not because it’s a lot yeah I don’t know what that kitchen they have a wooden bridge reiter bridge clean food no this is a giant frigerator freezer full kitchen has everything – double double double six.

Of the crews yeah this is really small I’ve got a dishwasher.

Or a dishwasher let me see it is like a ho ha hey this your favorite you like toasting some have a very nice living room area mmm table a big TV and a chair okay swag DOS apartment basically apartment flash green boy right there where we gonna be sitting there chilling on Santa.

Rita simple massage is some fetuses yeah guys you got a picture on the wall for you swag Drake swag down swagged out Bianca’s you got a poopy bathroom st. look really oh man this hour better than ours it is bigger than ours.

But you had a balcony or one.

Of the balconies choice one of the balconies yeah we.

Got some chairs and the table eat outside and enjoy the beautiful view the beautiful view this is soo shamera babe no this is the ocean look at ya sharks whales octopus there’s some more beyond get out.

There broadly beyond I’m huge I’m just playing yo look at this aw it’s so far down I hate looking this far down bring this water up over there again you guys see oh y’all look at that look at that it’s some cruise boats in this little man for a real quick yes that’s some giant cruise ships we shall hop on one real quick you come over here y’all I think I need to tell you in here you like.

Oh what are you doing is a wet I’ll go sit on it what do you mean you sit on it it’s it’s warmer that’s what I’m saying those you can sit on this and get a tan you look at this view yo this is our room right here oh my god you do oh yeah.

Make my stomach hurt how about some things over there oh no that’s probably like when the water saddle right there dear dear dear walk the ocean.

At night it is view is crazy ah this is ridiculous this giant balcony is going all birds flying birds are burgers.

Sounds good this is the room our bank.

We have a big closet right here.

Got some robes and bulla stay safe in there.

You can see oh yeah right here do something and look at the nice views oh my god editor I ain’t gonna lie to y’all listen I was just in his bathroom and I had to poop Bianca pooped in that one and I and I pooped in this one open it up I see it all stinks top gas in.

It I think the license yeah we got the I wish I was a toe is bigger but is cool little is cool got another shower slide down his hers I’m got a TV record so we doing your makeup you loo crazy that’s a young flatscreen crazy not me what’s this a mirror oh hey oh this brow which is a put in there all it tolling in there you got a phone in it is crazy don’t hey girl a the grand finale this.

Is the grant the grand finale though oh you got a massive pitch a Miller form over here oh we don’t got no I see a plug over there I got I got.

One got a nice chair right here just days we both know just cuddle up on the.

Chair yeah a nice computer disk another desk right here with.

Another phone right here with a lamp now then we got the flattery right here I don’t even know type of Stannis’s door everyday put in the ground uh-oh and then over here we got the UH thing you hide up here buddy she’s psycho seek nothing a coffin yellow key I do hey there grand.

Finale right here hallelujah oh my gosh go ahead I’m Mel B to some workers oh let me stand back here y’all this is the bed every line.

Up this is the bed so from my babe I’m gonna sit on the bed oh I’m saying down from the bed oh my gosh open at night.

Because we’re so high up you’re like yes we could be all nakedness of nobody can’t see usually look at that yeah those people doughnut hey Donna just chillin oh no it’s my musical memory oh really I’ll see you know Jess he’s out.

There Donna and go way way down it yeah man this is this is frill man that this is like on Rove you you then I’m saying got a king-sized bed looking out the window and I.

Could sleep naked with the windows open.

Or what he can’t see me you don’t say oh yeah we can see we definitely could see the water or light blue dark arts also baby grows hungry I got a fever you know I’m saying what’s wrong you’re how many times do it today hey we definitely get some food in my stomach but I’m scared that if I eat those that no I’m scared that if.

Like when I do talk that the food’s gonna come up and something chunky and hard mmm yeah nobody I know exactly if you’re talking about hopefully.

That’s not the case going down what never help yeah I think I said 11 y’all look at the outside.

Of this holds a hill this is.

Crazy that building over there no we’re great let’s go our building ding yeah that thing is ridiculous I wish do we got on what what’s my sound good I don’t I’m down for whatever wait yeah yeah.

Yeah yeah yeah for some reason I love seeing.

Palm trees I don’t know what it is about palm trees I don’t know is it or is it just me they look different than a regular boring so my hot dogs what you mean because you would be eaten at the nest that’s the problem so what you what kind of salad you go okay I got some fries over here y’all with two hotdogs and I got a pack of Doritos you matter and on this blog if you guys.

Enjoyed it give this video a fat thumbs up but this is the end of all we have to do our post fortification shout out a winner and that goes to Linda Martinez kaing kaing you are opposed with application shout out one or plus today’s blog you guys won’t have a chance to get shot out and tomorrow’s blog but I gotta do some post fortifications.

On once you do that comment down below if you.

Guys are ready for these lit logs hey hey hey coming hey I don’t know Comi smash like button do whatever you got to do the letters no you guys ready freeze live walks and also one more thing I mean everybody to try to guess in the comment section we guys think we’re at we gave a lot of hints outs if you.

Guys came to this place we front know a lot of people already came here a lot of people actually live here cuz we had.

Come up to us at the airport stuff like that so I need everybody to try to guess exactly where me and beyond kids at and yeah for the next video we don’t.

See you guys later we are out.


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