Should I get a chef record a cooking show guys amazing to be in the kitchen I mean my ready I know I know I know I’m starting things a little bit earlier this year anyway I do some seafood dish not 100% the way I didn’t want it to be but I decided to steal a share with my fans.
Them and I mean because that chef Ricardo you know.

I mean we are laughter Shearer is a very quick he is a simple recipe to make a poem you know I mean you come from work I got something in your freezer you can just take it out and leave it for about 10-15 minutes and it could be defrost and cooktop nice with some you know I mean penne pasta pasta ready bypass daylight so stay.
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Me and get your favorite recipe my name is chef Ricardo and arm is the tool to.

Give you your favorite recipes and ideas Raoul and I didn’t have my extra bright light today I’m just gonna be.

Using a natural light I see something okay this is a medium-sized front panel historic moment I’m gonna be doing a seafood dish this is a.

Seafood dish we can get all different kind of mixture of fish inside of it you can get this in the supermarket.

Can go and buy you forego in the supermarket you can see this plastic container with different kind of fish got most of our different kind of exact our different kind of fish you can think of in self this are advice I’m gonna be doing a seafood dish today right over here I have some extra prod which I’m gonna be using a saw inside of it so it’s gonna be nice all.
Of these ingredients we’ll be using first of.

Water gonna pop roughly about a teaspoon of vegetable pile so many first what you want to do over here I have some water fashion what are we using a pasta this is what we want to do is first faster cut up your.

Vegetables this is very very important all right so I’m gonna pop in another what it is not really really hot but that’s a fine what house I can’t stop a frail ready I’m some similar dish like this before.

That’s some this is some mixed Papa.

Have the yellow and red and also green up to be a purple.

Yeah off the final part of these little fuss before this and make this lovely fish dish please going to.

Come off yep body that’s what I’ll pull up their nuts on medicine teaspoon of salt rapper Cecil every day see you next time I’ve got a quarter this one it’s not seafood sunfish is their customers instead of it because it was a real I love River and then that no Sun lovely so shuttle mix 12-under to the.

Fourth floor all right this is the Seaport I’m talking about you’ve got a lot of different kind of fishes inside of it all right so basically the.

Prawn the color that is amazing that looking good very very peaceful but see so all gonna be Loki’s script losing it clumsy chef ricotta the reason why you came aqui do not make the fish like now you have to make it a little bit tau nut but not fully yeah that’s the best way to cut this liner fish alright guys so I’m gonna turn about my stove a little bit more on it just lookin good so I’m.

Gonna do this thought it could be tough to liquid just rent mm ah.

Yeah nice one so the wand is to cool down a little bit not only that also you have to put a little bit of ketchup inside of it not too much just a little bit – ketchup brilliant flavor is looking good 6:49 if you don’t have this door yourself use.

What you have as I can see that looking good let’s test don’t see something amazing hmm basic as I can see this cook no solo so we’re gonna do the pasta is ready the angle it is hot the pasta like this this is a little bit too much please I’m supposed to cook so much food house that’s nice too wasteful but once the artitude like this yes guys good this is a seafood dish.

Very easy and simple fish Quran mussels different stuff inside of it let’s taste it to see how it tastes hmm really nice I thought it won’t be hurted what it’s okay pretty good lip to go so what does it go to that’s it guys that’s your looking look could be better but that’s a quick dish come from Iraq now.

I’m going to prepare this come in really handy so anyway please enjoy the recipe and subscribe to the youtube click query from chef Ricardo see.

Foolish very easy and simple to make dice it’s amazing enjoy guys I’m gonna share it or no see ya that’s the way look so lovely I know I saw inject a lot more recipe similar is coming to you guys alright stay tuned.


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