Right now with arms that was the subversive war that was actually played by both sides and that American played in both sides but iran-contra and um guerrilla Sandinistas and all that shit that went up over there no because America played a night may have something a benefit from it so Oliver North all everybody else who took part in.

That and part of our US military operatives that played that game had something to.

Gain they want to curse certain people in and certain people out like I said we don’t talk about this man because to me for the first time he is a president don’t want to play those globalist games he is a nationalist he called himself a nationalist and people want identify that shit with the all right I mean I’m a nationalist I live in America I am.

A nationalist I give a fuck about where I lay my head down I’m saying I’m not I’m not in the.

Set of servers or oniel economics everything else excuse me if he believes that we even nationalists hard that he’ll kill American interests all over the damn.

World niggas right here on WGN Radio any other few any other few people you know who actually are noting the things he’s pulling out on a global level you’d like to say they got American got things tentacles.

And everything he’s actually pulling that back and now calling him crazy for this shit that he’s doing he’s.

The French treaty he’s getting he’s trying to only work master he’s tried you know push it out we ain’t getting involved in Syria you know we.

We not we be pulling back some of that shit and they got a problem and now he won’t probably intervene maybe maybe not innocent the Central America situation and like I said we’re gonna talk about that because that shit is a ploy because that man won’t won’t get involved he won’t he.

Won’t play the game with the presidents of those countries of Honduras of Costa Rica where it waddles Lulu right now the Columbia like that he like y’all handle your fucking these are your people I brother shoutout.

Not gonna thread yesterday wrong pray yesterday and he was like you know those parts those countries are part of America they are the Americas and yes in fact they are but the fact is when you have politics issues they matter of fact my daughter was just studying this shit today talk about border ain’t that right you’re not Jenai when you talk about borders today borders of.

National borders and international borders how to Pete how they create it highlight any created baby you remember we talked about you made borders.

With your government backed man-made borders natural borders by rivers and lakes and shit like that right talk about that so those countries they have to do with their own citizens and again that is a ploy to have those thousands of people go to all those other countries to make.

Their way to America it is a political standoff with using human props so we get into it a little bit more I forgot I’m just saying that on then we have a missing a writer is on come.

On in a busy your mic is open great day everybody definitely wait all right beautiful finger yeah yeah I watched the announcement of trunk I apologize I do not.


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