Hey gang Shari here and welcome to this edition of travel talk this is where we talk about all kinds of vacation cruise and Disney news so stay tuned okay so let’s start with Disney I love Disney and I am an authorized Disney Vacation Planner so I always like to start there so um Disney is in full festival and.

Party mood right now I mean everything is going on full swing we’ve got the Halloween parties.

Going we’ve got food and wine going before you know what the Christmas parties will be starting so if you.

Have not made your plans for this year please get a hold of me ASAP the availability is gonna be tight so get a hold of me as soon as possible and if you’re thinking oh my gosh I kind of missed the boat this year well there’s plenty of time to book for next year so definitely get a hold of me I can do a package to where include your your hotel your dining your.

Tickets everything so it kind of makes it like an all-inclusive for Disney which is fantastic okay um.

Next up I want to talk about a change in the travel protection for Disney so they changed companies recently and then with you know some laws or.

Regulations they are changing to we’re used to you you would just pay for the adults and then the children were free so now the children will be five dollars and fifty cents for seventeen and younger including infants so that’s very important to include everyone in your family if you have not.

Made your final payment then you want to add that before you make your final payment okay so.

If if you’ve already made your final payment and.

You’re like oh my gosh well that’s okay.

I can still I have companies that I can do the travel insurance you know through so definitely get ahold of me about that so I can help you protect your vacation okay and then oh my gosh such exciting news coming from Disney dining there is going to.

Be new snow white my favorite princess character mail so we’re hearing it’s gonna be her and a couple of the dwarfs and.

Then at the end you’ll get a chance to meet the Queen so very very exciting supposed to be.

At the Wilderness Lodge I think so definitely stay tuned we’ll get more information as it comes out okay so switching gears now and I have my little laptop down.

Here so sorry if I’m looking down we have some cruise news so this is very.

Exciting also for the Orlando area Port Canaveral carnivals largest ship ever is coming to Port Canaveral so exciting so uh I’ll read you the email here Carnival Cruise Line has reached an agreement in with the Carnival Port Authority in a new state-of-the-art terminal that will accommodate our brand-new 180,000 tons.

Ship debuting in 2020 ah as partners of Port Canaveral for more than 25 years we’re super excited to homeport the 5,280 six lower berth ship at Port Canaveral so bringing your clients more vacation opportunities this massive new ship will offer an array of groundbreaking never-before-seen features and attractions while also being the first North american-based cruise ship to be powered by.

Liquefied natural gas so oh my gosh so exciting and yeah I used to work for Carnival I love carnival and so they’ll always be.


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