I and today we’re going to be talking to about where to stay in Penang Malaysia Stephanie is an island in Malaysia that is known for its delicious food and we’re spent about over two troops probably about six weeks know in total and we absolutely love it so if you’re headed to Penang we’re gonna break down the different areas.

For you so you can kind of decide where the best places for you well it’s quite easy I guess in terms of our picks and the main two areas I’d probably say you’d be considering would be.

Georgetown or Batou friendly so basically one of those areas is sort of a hard opening and where most of the activity in every way yeah and then the battery is more of the beach destination and we would stay you’re going to be by the water and with the resort and that’s sort of a feel yeah so two quite different feels so depending on what you want out of your trip one or the other or a combination of both even you’ve got enough.

Time and number one people say straight off the bat to.

Stay in Penang in Georgetown the reason we say this is because it’s full of the culture it is full of delicious food the.

Buildings or sort of heritage buildings and it’s absolutely beautiful so this is really where the heart of Penang is particularly.

For first-time is it staying in Georgetown is probably the best option for most people for what you.

Want out of Penang so in terms of the beaches of better friend game that the whole area there some of the.

Beaches can be quite nice to look at however the swimming conditions vary in terms of estimable there are polluted is there things that will sting you or what not so in that regard it’s.

Probably not our top it wouldn’t be a top destination of our signal going to be going.

Just for a beach holiday which would be why we.

Georgetown as our top pick to stay when were in Penang yeah but babe you Ferengi we’ve stayed in both Georgetown and Betty Fran gay and Betty Ferengi definitely has its perks as well staying in a beautiful resort by the.

Water no matter what the beach conditions are kind of like there’s something very relaxing about that cuz we do if you have a family you might want to.

More children relaxed sort of stay you might just want to be walking on the beach and we’re assuming in the hotel pool it close to a few nature walks or options for things to do as well out about that part of the island so there’s definitely a lot of perks are staying.

Done that anything they also have a night market and food market there as well so you can definitely get.

A bit of the culture and because of food.

There too and of course you do.

Have the option to grab an uber or go on the bus and come into Georgetown which I’d highly recommend if you do synthetic or in-game so there is kind of another areas where they between.

Betty Ferengi and Georgetown which is kind of a.

Gurney tangel Tong area and basically this is kind of a bit of an expert area there’s big shopping center lots of apartments but because of this there’s also a lot of really good options for Airbnb so if you do you want to come to.

Or if you want to be in an apartment and cooking or just have an apartment.


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