Hey y’all so this week we are covering you guessed it sleeping bags but this is a 23 degree bag and it’s like 9,000 degrees out here so all right so you’ve decided to go on a backpacking trip and you’ve gotten some of your gear and now it comes down to sleeping bag and you start researching online and it’s.

Like you just get overwhelmed I know how it is because I was there so what I did is I took a trip.

To the nearest Aria and I actually got my sleeping bag when I picked out my pack and I just went to sleeping bag guy and I said what do I do you know so your two main options are.

Either down or synthetic generally speaking now there are exceptions to all rules right but you’re down bags are gonna be a little bit lighter and take up a smaller space than your synthetic bags synthetic bags tend to be a little bulkier and heavier with that said of course there are pros and cons to every option right so if you have.

A down bag it is said that if it gets wet it’s pretty much completely useless there is no.

Insulation factor anymore where a synthetic can get wet and still insulates you and keep you somewhat warm not saying it won’t happen.

But on the trail I did not have a.

Night where my sleeping bag got completely soaked I did have it get a little damp you know lean it up.

Against my tent and things like that but never so and I kept it in a trash like the contractor bag that I’ve shown you all before inside my pack so they also have dry bags and all kinds of accessories to keep things dry it’s more weight but that’s up to you I.

Ended up going with a down bag but it’s treated down so they call it dry down which means that if it gets wet it’s not completely useless supposedly again I haven’t tried soaking it and seeing how warm I stay at night that’s just what I decided to go with after talking to.

Guy or yeah so my exact sleeping bag is the brand of Sierra Designs and I’ve seen mixed.

Reviews on this online I actually didn’t check the reviews before I bought it I just trusted my Arya sleeping bag man but it’s 700 fill dry down it’s the.

Saying that right 23 this is actually a men’s sleeping bag the guy REI told me that basically the difference between men men’s bags and women’s bags were the color you know like Oh pink and purple or you know blue now there has there have been some comments on another video that I’ve done where you know people were.

Freaking out no it’s that’s not the only difference you know the girls bags are designed for girls and whatever and that’s probably true that would make sense but using a man’s bag I never had any issue so maybe it’s just my build you know I’m pretty tall or whatever.

So you might want to delve into that a little bit more okay so how do you decide what degree rating to get for your sleeping bag that’s kind of a big deal so on the Appalachian Trail the lowest temperature.

That I slept in was probably about 21 degrees and that was in Maine now the ratings on these bags you’ll notice mine says 23 degrees but hopefully you can see that but it also says that says limit 23 degrees comfort 34 degrees so in other words whatever.

Your bag is rated that’s the rating to like keep you alive to that temperature that’s not you’re gonna be warm and toasty at that temperature so.

I did have some chilly nights even in this 23 degree bag.

Now why wouldn’t you want to just take a zero Degree bag well you could but the lower the temperature rating usually the more it weighs which makes sense right more insulation I’m pretty cold natured and.

I knew that I would get below freezing temperatures and so I just wanted to be prepared for that so that’s what made me decide to go with 23 degree bag and again I had some cold nights but I’m still alive alright so as far as.

Contact ability goes you’re really not supposed to put down in a compression sack so technically you could probably get a synthetic bag to compress smaller than a Down bag potentially but further down it’ll like.

Damage it kind of like flatten it out I found that if mine started feeling flat or it wasn’t feeling like it was staying as warm at night whenever I went into town if I would just kind of tumble it in the dryer not on a extremely high setting but then it would kind of.

Fluff it up now that’s another thing if you’re wanting to wash your sleeping bag on the trail down is going to be a little bit more of a hassle to do you’ve got to have a special.

Detergent supposedly I’ve actually still haven’t washed mine so um but you’re supposed to have like a front-loading washer and a special detergent and all of that I have never tried regular detergent and my washer at the house so I really don’t want.

To destroy my bag doing that experiment but with the synthetic bags you know you can pretty much wash them at every town if you wanted to so again pros and cons.

To each option now if you decide to get a down sleeping bag they typically come in these kind of big mesh bags and you.

Store it in these bags for long-term storage because that way they’re not compressed Hey but when.

You’re on well when I was on the trail anyway I kept it in this um smaller bag here it is not a compression sack it’s just a smaller bag and I just shove it in my package just like.

This so when you get to towns and and things like that I would definitely take your sleeping bag out and like lay it.

Somewhere so that we can stay fluffed up you know instead of being compressed the whole whole time here in town now the tag and my sleeping bag says it’s 2.19 pounds but after measuring it in the sack and everything it comes out to about 2.

So what a lot of folks will do is they’ll.

Go with a higher rated bag so like a 32 degree bag or even like 45 degree bag something like that and then in addition to that they will get like a 20 degree bag or zero Degree bag or you know just kind of one on each end of the spectrum or you.

Can just kind of get a bag that’s in the middle of the.

Two ends of the spectrum and then get like a sleeping bag liner now this sleeping bag.

Liner is like basically worthless I mean it adds a little bit of warmth but it was more or less just because I had a synthetic or a down bag that way instead of washing it in towns I could just take this out and wash.

It but you can get liners that have a little bit more of a noir value or they’re a little warmer so 0.33 for this little guy right here I’m not gonna lie in Pennsylvania I ended up at home to save weight I just didn’t care about snow pad anymore one of the.

Big questions is when do I send home my warmer sleeping bag if you do have two different sleeping bags you’ll know when you’re sleeping on top of your sleeping bag instead of in it because you’re hot you know and I would.

It about a week to really make sure because the weather will change and surprise you and then you’ll be cold but so what I did is I sent home at 23 degrees sleeping bag probably somewhere around I think is Waynesville Virginia a lot of folks sent it home around Damascus like during trail days and we made a.

Little bit longer just to make sure um being cold is not my favorite thing so in Waynesville I found this fleece ladder it’s got you know the whole zipper whole shebang um now it doesn’t have as much.

Cushion so you know that’s where your the comfort level of your sleeping pad will come in but anyway this was definitely warm enough for the warmer.

Months I liked that I could like come inside of it like a sleeping bag some people get fleece blankets and if folks got about the goodwill and things like that along the way so I prefer this over two separate sleeping bags because I feel like this definitely saves.08 compared to two point three big difference alright so how do you know when to get your warmer sleeping bag back that gets a little trickier um I actually didn’t get my back until sometime in Vermont I.

Started noticing that you know it got a little bit cooler at nights and I was comfortable with in the fleece.

Liner now you might not want to wait so.

They start getting uncomfortable because I mean it can snap and just be cold weather and no time I mean even I guess you could in Massachusetts but it was still hot and to me but you’ll know you’ll it’ll feel right people around you will be talking.

About it and you’ll you’ll just know I hope.

That was helpful and ease your mind a little bit in in picking a sleeping bag I would definitely check reviews sleeping bags not something that I would skimp on gear wise even you know on a budget and everything I mean again you can and you can get a decent sleeping bag that might be a little bit heavier it’s that’s cheaper but you just want to make sure you’re gonna be warm enough because hypothermia just doesn’t sound like.

A lot of fun if y’all go to my blog which there’s a link.

Below WWE homemade wanderlust comm I do have a gear.

List and my sleeping bag a link to.

The exact one that I used is on there if y’all want to you know check out the reviews or.

The specs on that one but if you all have any other questions about my sleeping bag in particular or sleeping bags in general just comment below and let me know and we’ll see y’all next time.


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