So you’re planning a trip to buy the new supplier is definitely a great place to exploit so this is how we do down just an anodite trip including how to get there how to get around when you’re there and what you can say and do about – trying to figure out how to get a boat to get over.

To pnina yeah so I’ve just parked right here near the yellow.

Bridge and yeah so we’ll go over there and come back last night before you and come back for three – or every yeah every hour I.

Gave my 120 120 each time until age so basically to get there really quite simple so probably this lived on.

You just make your way to the yellow bridge another bombing site where they will find the ticket desk instead price tickets no need to worry about negotiating alright the.

Prices are there for you you’d aspire to guess and it’s wait for the next car but coming going all the time there was a few people on the beach waiting and pretty much as soon.

As there’s enough people to go there’s about eight people and a.

Wheel so whether or not you want to hire a scooter or a driveway you can do both as soon as you turn up in new Supino just off the beach there we basically go off the boat walked up the beach to the street and as soon as we got.

There was people there offering both scooters and drivers and decided that was the option for us and just negotiated a rate before what.

We wanted to see so don’t think you’re going to be going into a car rental office or.

Anything like that it’s literally just people on the street offering their services to the people who have just gotten off the boat so even those scooters started really fun and really flexible after doing a bit of research it seemed like maybe hiring a driver would be better for us when not competent scooter drivers in any.

Form although this is the way we prefer to get around Nusa Lembongan from what.

We researched it didn’t seem like it would be the best thing for us on Nusa Penida hundy I’m Chris Chris nice to meet you may be moving and turns out we’re right in choosing a driver because I would not be recommending riding a scooter by yourself arenes unless it was super comfortable on the bike and you knew what you’re.

Getting yourself into before you before you did the roads that are not quite as developed and they’re super busy too at times they’re really really bumpy and it’s pretty hard conditions to even be in a car let alone on a bike.

We saw actually a few accidents with people on bikes during our day trip just turned on the main burner to get risky and it’s I’m sorry once we could enact how we basically had a quick little discussion with that driver about what was the best way to sort of plan a day and we decided to start a clean King Beach because it is known to become busier and.

Busier throughout the day Oh for us it was actually really busy when we were there anyway especially around the point where you begin to head down towards the beach and we were I mean our weather whether we would be any doubt ourselves and just the amount of people trying to squeeze down and head down to the beach was enough.

For us to decide not to so from what we have heard from people who have walked down to the beach is that it is actually a really difficult or particularly an where it becomes quite vertical it does look a little bit sketchy with the rails and the track that you have to get down to the beach so I guess it’s completely up to you if you want to.

Do it or not do it is honestly happier taking the views and walk around and see more different vantage points and it was really and still wet ball going but here at Killeen King Beach and it’s really really beautiful we’re actually on the opposite side.

And it’s not quite a really really nice day together.

Yeah you say so many pitches and that’s even better than you can imagine and there’s a lot of people here a lot so if you’re going to go down the stairs we’ll show you some footage but there’s lots of people going down not too.

Much coming to the other side to get a bit of a different view yeah we should to be honest this side is probably my favorite view yes yeah so you do looking straight up leading then around to the right you just.

Have slightly up and learn around there’s a really great spot to look back and look out over the beach and over the landscape and the people going down there down the beach as well you can all see from that side.

And another great place is sort of like a couple minutes drive around to the left is a place called Apollo on cliffs and you get a really nice fantage feedback where the clanking as.

Well so next we will off to angels billable and broken be but the rotor broken beach is actually in really poor.

Condition and it’s super bumpy now our job was actually directed to us that they call this the broken road to broken Beach because it’s that bad this is where we saw people were actually just walking their motorbikes because it was too hard to actually ride your motorbike here so be prepared but otherwise you will get there and it’s really worked there so angels Billabong and broken Beach actually right next to each other and you can walk a few minutes to get in between them.

So first it’s angels Billabong I’m sure Lloyd you’ve already seen a lot of photos of this area but for us our family area is probably broken Beach is really beautiful having a look at the Brighton Beach it’s really stunning you can walk all around it so after these two places it was back in the car and honestly it may not sound like much.

But after all of these we were so tired just because of the driving and the train it really does impact you.

To keep that in mind don’t try and have too much into one day because it really will take it out at you more than anything we.

Decided to end our day in Crystal Bay which was the best decision because all you want to do is just lay on the beach a little bit but like we mentioned the only problem for that is that we didn’t give ourself enough time to really just lay on the beach and have a swim and enjoy finishing the day there has.

Got to make it back to get the last by the five o’clock this makes me sad you mate early so you don’t have to feel.

Like you’re rushing through the day Crystal Bay is absolutely beautiful the beach is stunning this is the place that you can smooth manta rays if you want to do that sort of thing there’s also a few rooms on the beach it’s really nice and lovely atmosphere and lots of coconut trees around miss our last stop of the day like it’s crazy beautiful palm trees trees everywhere yeah well try.

Demi much put the description in the article below use any five minutes remaining yeah which is a nice view of it from.

The other side that you yeah they’re basically right next to each other and it wasn’t too far thinking yeah yeah yeah.

And I think it’s about 50 minutes to an hour the Grayson Bates to Jericho yeah but this one’s pretty pretty he died mean there’s a lot of people here but a silly I must say my back’s killing me tis Oh to stay here and on the return journey it’s basically just as easy so we were taught in the afternoon.

They generally leave every hour so we were told us to wait where we got.

Dropped off and right on time at five o’clock which was the last journey back up they arrived and took us back to the bottom so do you think the.

Times that they leave would depend on the season a time of year because of the tires so they will tell you when you buy a ticket so these to know before you go to.

A music Penina firstly food the two in places that we saw more food options at Toyota key Harbor where you arrive to Nusa Penida and also our Crystal Bay so again just a few smaller rooms having said that most of the sites there was at least one more wrong so you could get something to eat another thing to.

Note too is about money so make sure you bring cash because you’re not going to go too easy card Nusa Penida is a massive Island.

It’s too much to do all the other new one day it’s usually broken up into east coast or west coast so we chose to do the west coast because that is closer to the harbor and it’s easier to do it and the day trip so the west coast includes places like clinking Beach Angels billabong broken Beach in Crystal Bay and then you’ve got the East Coast which the main things here Thousand Islands.

Attitude Beach Teletubbies Hill and many young given waterfall also be amazing to have been one or two nights on these Pineda to fully explore the island to get to see parts of the East Coast as well and parts that weren’t as busy after.

The creeks 10-minute ride back to Nusa Lembongan we were so happy with that and you guys will be – as you can say news affinity is such a beautiful island and definitely one of the best spots to.

Say during a time in Bali so if you guys have any more questions about how to do this B itself let us know in the comments below and also check out some of my other videos how to get from Bali to Nusa Lembongan where.

Brother Bali videos and we also have an article on musica needed a truth linked below with love you subscribe to catch more of our videos and we’ll see you next week.


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