Welcome to Stockholm Sweden we have arrived and it’s a beautiful day out after a plane a bus and a train we have made it to the city centre here in Stockholm when we checked in or we made it to our hostel the generator hostel where we’re gonna be staying tonight but it’s not quite check-in time so we’re just.
Gonna walk around and explore we came across this church which I will show.

You the name here because I don’t know it right now or the year that it was built but it is beautiful on the inside we happen to walk in when they were doing a lunch hour organ concert so we got to hear the organ inside which is super cool overall it’s a beautiful city and a beautiful fall day so we’re gonna explore and.

Enjoy the scenery the Stockholm public library is definitely worth checking out it has a super cool rotunda in the middle that is circular bookshelves super fun to wander around and get mr. in thanks so while we were waiting for our hostel to be ready for us to check in we found this amazing park.

With some really great views of the city plus a super fun slide well we had fun and now we’re heading to generator to hopefully teach my kids and charge the drone it’s a beautiful drone day we made it to our hostel and we’ve checked in.

I don’t know what else to say I think that we should go back outside because it looks like it’s gonna be a lovely sunset that’s so disappointing all right.

Me today I’m now here at the hostel showered and ready for bed it’s been a long day we didn’t get. but it’s been a good day so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed coming along on our.

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Any of my future travel vlogs and videos about creativity and filmmaking you can check out this video if you haven’t seen it already to see more of my trip to Europe and as always I love you all I hope you’re following your dreams and I will see you in the next one bye this guy’s got a scared.

Your data hope you’ll see him right through me no but you denying you out to swim be off man.


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