Hi and welcome to my channel thanks so much for watching this week so I’m staying at a Fairfield and I have to say we’re hanging Marianas previously they staff with this hotel we totally failed friends I had a housekeeper it was 9:00 a. I was doing my hair that housekeeper literally knocked just the quietest knock ever on the.

Door and then just proceeded to open the door and say anything didn’t I’ve announced herself she literally could have walked in on anything she didn’t even wait like 10.

Seconds or bother to knock like a second time and I could understand what she was saying so I proceeded to shut the door and then three opening and put the Do Not Disturb up we thought at 9:00 a. I would be okay clearly not so today I’m gonna be sharing with you my top ten fall day trip ideas I have no agenda as far as like budget for these.

Trips they’re just general ideas that are great for fall somehow could be good for.

Other seasons but this is kind of my fault list so the first fall day trip idea I have is to go to a football game whether it’s college or NFL football games are obviously a fall thing to do in the United States just to tailgate enjoy the day you see the college campus before you go to the game go out to eat before after the game.

It’s just such a classic fall trip idea and a football game isn’t something that necessarily has to be expensive it just depends what team you’re.

Looking to go see you know you can kind of work with the price point that you have in mind second would be visiting an.

Apple orchard and for going apple picking if that’s something that they offer again just another fall idea apple harvest festivals and things like that are popular.

Apple picking is also something that is popular depending on the area you live in if you have apple orchards which leads into number three which would be to go to a festival in our area there are lots of fall festivals like apple.

Harvest and things like that there just good things you can only experience and fall obviously if you got lucky and you know the weather’s great really crisp fall days are so good for those outdoor activities like going to festivals number four would be visiting a corn maze again and or a pumpkin patch a lot of times they go hand-in-hand some of them have smaller mazes for children and some of them have very large.

Mazes some of them also have varying challenges within the mises as far as solving clues and things like.

Be tailored to any age depending if you’re taking children you know after you do the corn maze sometimes they will you.

Know take you out on a little wagon and go out to the pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkins number.

Five is one that could be good for spring summer and fall not on my list but I’m giving it as an option to all of you and that is horseback riding horseback riding is offered really in a lot of areas you just kind of have to look for it in Google to find those like local farms and things that offer horseback riding trips number six would just be.

A fall day trip destination this will obviously depend on where you live for us it might be like each day you know we have probably beaches within like a three-hour drive other ideas would be to visit a major cities such as New York City which is.

Great in the fall as far as weather goes or Boston or take a trip out to your local wine country again if you have that East Coast has quite a lot of wine regions and one areas or go visit a national park or a state park if there’s one in your area.

Number seven is a unique one that I thought of this.

May not be for everyone would be to go to a shooting range one specifically an outdoor shooting range obviously you have to.

See if there’s one in your area but this is just something that’s like a really fun and different to experience to be out in full you.

Know again I’m speaking to those of us who live in the country you know with hunting seasons coming up and.

Things like that it’s just a fun fun thing to do to get prepared for hunting season even if you don’t hunt it’s just a fun thing to do number T would be to go on a train ride a lot of areas offer different fall specific train rides these aren’t generally trains that are going to a destination a lot of times they’ll just have lunch or dinner on the train or those must be like an hour long like fall foliage train ride but either way they’re a fun experience number nine is one.

That is to bike a rail trail in the fall we have a lot of rail trails I think they’re pretty popular throughout the US the rail trails.

Lot of times go through fields and woods and things like that and they’re just really pretty on a really nice fall day number.

Ten would be to go on a geocaching adventure if you don’t know what geocaching is you can look it up it’s basically like scavenger hunt in a sense all over the world so there’s websites where you can see where the geocaches are located and you can kind of tailor a trip around finding you.

Know a few or many geocache is depending how good you are at them you’re gonna have to look around and see where a lot of them are.

Located just to try to plan a day geocaching so those are my 10 fall day trip ideas please be sure to comment your favorite fall day trip idea you have any extras that I missed include those as well thanks so much for watching.


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