All right let’s go with the first one Ralph that’s what have we got you be mochi balls watch you okay there are some purple balls from the local Asian grocery I bet you do yeah you smell that I don’t know for what I think I’m more worried about sinking uh that’s like a punch in the face I don’t.

Mine now sarsaparilla Murray licorice is probably from the I think.

That’s wasn’t his I’ve no idea well what’s up an update find out it’s a bird so we’re drinking the bird are we there definitely got some bait hmm they’re definitely gonna notice there is ah remember oh maybe the.

Experience our once or more.

Sour than those folks I’m getting the hate wrong girl forgot the hook yeah the sale was good and the watermelon I was gonna thanks whoa who would even consider that to look like food and I think it’s gonna be very good for you I think you’ll be getting purple balls after this you’re the one that what am I gonna do it’s not not powered by just smell like old bitty.

Boat oh it smells like an OPA and you will kind of serve the smell now we know I’m neither like a dock in that soybean you say no you’re the professional this does look appetizing 20 40.


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