Hey everyone so I’m doing this video to let you know what’s gonna be coming up in the next year or so I want to do a few things I’m going to go to Japan again my goal is by the end of this year at least this year next year I’m gonna be at least gone to Japan for at.

Least one time for at least 10 days so everyone that watches this video what you thought what’s the right word keep me honest they’ll keep me held accountable so every paycheck.

Gonna take a hundred and fifty at least out of it and put it aside till I get fifteen hundred dollars at least for so that would be vomits one hundred fifty hundred fifty hundred.

Fifty hundred fifty hundred yeah well it’ll be five months 150 times ten so.

That’s that’s gonna be at least that then.

The reason telling you all this is because I’m going to show you guys at least then my goal is to take for every day I am there I’m gonna at least have two hundred dollars to spend per day that’s including food that’s including spending money transportation I know look why do you need $200 for it is just in case anything happens $200 per day will not hurt me so when.

I come back it’ll go right back into my next trip so I’m one of its own we’ll be saving at least two grand and then 1535 I know that’s like $1,300 a lot so what I’m going to do.

Is every time I have extra money that is not your mark for the 150 it will go towards the $200 a month so what I’m going to do is.

You know like citric right now for example I have $230 not chicken count after bills that are just been baked now I got a.

Week till please say nobody till to my next check posts so what I do is all after when I find out what my next that’s the amount of my next check is I’m going to take whatever’s left because.

This coming paycheck will be start of the 150 so whatever’s left of that I’ll take that go to my set my bank I have two banks.

I’ll go this won’t be my savings bank I’ll take whatever is left take it out go up there drop it in that there and mark whatever is left off the two grand and then after the 150 that will stay in the main savings for when I pay for the.

Ticket I’ll have a I have a credit card with airline models that have like I believe.

Like I can get like $250 off start 216 dollars off ticket so probably the most I’d be paying a 1300 but I would rather have.

More than weren’t enough than not enough so what I’m gonna do is after that my hotel room which I’m going to show.

You guys right now this is my hotel that I’m going to be going to so I’m going to move the camera I apologize if this is a weird so I’m gonna go to soccer Oh Jim give up yep this is the hotel I’m going to be staying it so I’m going to show you guys so I’m going to make sure the camera is recording good okay good this is.

Where I’m gonna be staying series room maker here I know they usually show special offers so me see if I if I think by the time I’ll get there I’ll have any special offers so let me go ahead and open new tab for the regular one okay so don’t it doesn’t know.

Going to sashka or in B and Baraka not there come on.

Jojo hey Gilbert you see I don’t know why it says 2017 god that’s up.


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