The road for Memorial Day weekend we are taking action for you to help you save some money on gas we went to the experts at triple-a they say you should reduce the number of times you start and stop your car if possible also avoid sudden acceleration or sudden braking gas prices by the way highest in four years other.
Ways to say if we just posted them on our website at ABC Action News comes.

So make sure that you get that okay a fact versus fiction for you guys okay I can’t play because we were discussing it on some of this I’ll play but fake it not running your air conditioning can save gas true I’ve always heard that’s true that’s actually false with the aerodynamics of new vehicles it’s better just to.
Keep the windows up and the air on that’s great news I know okay to the.

Type of guests we you as many people believe that premium improves your mileage always heard that too yeah that’s what they say that’s false especially if your car calls.

For regular unleaded you should always put what the manufacturer says in your car I know you’re enlightened.

News you can use easily yeah very good stuff especially with scanners the premium gas is expensive me that’s the first thing the regs say it’s like a dollar more cookies I had for lunch.


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