You’re parasailing today that’s how y’all feelin somebody come look at is this guy flying it look at this clicks lip color look at this look at this guy somebody come look at these me that shit doh how about to ask for these niggas we can flower we go see if we can get on with it is my bitter.

Related with my baby out here building the sandbox but I decided to turn it into a treasure chest here you gotta go up it’s a little moment right there.

Like that did you even follow up a little more that in a goat a little more than it it good a little more I did it shit go around ya can’t get to place to the treasure cuz we got this black dog to get you baby yeah follow you sucka nigga you gotta swim to the pitch then.

We got the treasure chest in this bitch Julie right actually work boy this check this out get a good look these are my steps right here go ahead go ahead all right let.

Alone in the beds the waves you can ask for more you know oh let me get down I don’t make it I want y’all to remember before being this bitch in a matter with me welcome to my beat we’re closing around five o’clock wipe your feet up my water would fucking gang I wake up this morning.


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