I start by saying how proud of you I am because you and I are planners okay so when we go away we want the itinerary the schedule and everything but you have started doing this amazing thing with your husband where you get in the car and you just drive yes so you do these road trips obviously you plan.

It out but you don’t plan where you’re going no we pick a direction yeah and there’s no man he will.

Not let me look at my phone put your phone down he put your phone down and we just drive now we have ended up in parking lot so you know odd places and like it’s like so it is crazy but it’s so much fun because we see things we’ve.

Never seen before like we’ve driven through neighborhoods on the way to try to find a you know whatever we’re going is like oh I like that house anyways but it’s really really good neighborhood we should and I think it’s a great idea so let’s talk about what you’re gonna pack for your day of adventure right so when we first.

Started I didn’t take anything okay and that was stupid okay so because I have to have some kind of rules right so now I pack a first-aid kit because I’m the biggest klutz in the entire.

World I hear mom and included that I always bring on antihistamine and I didn’t have this in my purse on the weekend and I got stung by a wasp so we had to get in the boat and go back to my friend’s.

Cottage so I could drink some benadryl so yeah so we have that I always have bug spray after bite you know that would have been really helpful sunscreen I bring my kazoo because my kazoo was always in my.

Purse and when we get really lost I go like this and it makes me happy you know he stresses me does it makes pot happy he just is so used to it he doesn’t even in story where he’s like oblivious and I’m like yeah yeah just like you know we’re just gonna go anyway no.

I’m a good navigator cuz I’m terrible no I’m a really really good navigator if I have a map right but if we’re just following signs you know.

But you know it’s so out of my comfort zone is so good for my brain and and it really I would suggest just wander right it’s crazy alright a couple of things I do die I pack now is my battery charger so you know were hiking around then I’ve got you know cell to take photographs no map.

My hat water paper towels and then I do tea towels and I put them on you know like a like a picnic table or maybe on the grass and that’ll be you know like our little kind of place Maddie thing and I take a blanket a cooler and a cold cold pack stuff I just always have now and I always just put this.

Bag so ready to go you ready so it’s already ready okay so no stresses sandwiches yeah no stress okay so I.

Make upscale sandwiches because you know I’m me and and so I came up with this sort of never heard of a muffaletta I have heard from new.

Orleans and they’re like this massive huge sandwich that you put bricks on right yeah so i did a mini version.

Of that that doesn’t require bricks okay so all right so you get some really good firm bread like a ciabatta or something strong okay and then i’m gonna put a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil into some la bamba sauce which is like that anti pastor thing.


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