I doubt his wing feathers so he could peek through to see what was going on Wow the creator looked her out and he thought all the animals had turned their faces away so he grabbed a hold of the rabbit right by the top of her head right by her little short ears uh how about back here excellent question.

She’s asking with Halloween coming up how would we make a historically accurate costume and the answer is we can’t very simple we cannot because these things that I’m wearing today which are very very important to me are part of my tradition I don’t wear.

These things as a costume I am NOT dressing up pretending to be on a dog I am on a dog now.

When some people look at me they say but mr.

ground you have very light-colored skin yes I do I happen to have an Irish grandfather my skin color is a little bit more like his as opposed to the rest of my family who has very dark skin this genetics can’t do anything about it.

But I am still on a dog well mr.

Brown you don’t have long hair nope my barber cuts it short so it fits under my hat yeah so I don’t wear my hair long you wear glasses yeah of course I do yeah your phone was ringing a few minutes ago in your bag yeah it was because of course we have phones today so when I wear these things it’s not that I’m dressing up pretending to be somebody I am on a dog and these things.

Are very important to me culturally now sometimes we see people trying to appropriate other people’s cultures and they are trying to take things from them maybe because they are interested maybe because they don’t know that it’s important to certain groups of people but to make a costume and dress up and pretend to be somebody that you are not in a group of people a culture of people that is still alive and practicing their traditions that.

Is what we call cultural appropriation and that would not be accurate now sometimes people will say to me well mr. ground we dress up to be things like pirates and that’s a person yes a pirate is a job it’s not a culture would it be appropriate if I did like they did back in the 1920s and did blackface all over my face and drew big.

Red lips and wore big white gloves in a top hat would that be appropriate absolutely not no that blackface costume is something that people did before we.

Understood better that that was very damaging to the people that we were portraying or really in many ways mocking so a lot of times.

Today when people try to make a costume even if or a logo we could go that way also even if they say they are trying to be respectful or to honor a certain group of people it is appropriating or taking away from our culture so.
I would ask that all of you as you get.

Ready for Halloween coming up that you would not choose to appropriate a culture of people but if you want to dress up like a job like a doctor or a pirate or anything that you wanted to be that that would be perfectly.


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