All right welcome ladies and gentlemen boys and girls on the radiant side we are dealing with Mineski on the dire side we have Team Liquid it turns out the radiant side is instead going to steal a runner trying to two seconds but the laser messy at half-life looks like the Benny word was picked up by Messi might come.
At a costume he turns around what the nether PLAs Johnson’s gonna.

Fall for the first blood in favor of liquid but now once again bottom lane.

Looks like some back-and-forth crush gonna be activated pug dub right no the snowball seemed initially from gh going back in for a turn kill another blast put down and jabs is the.

One that’s getting low the orb event Auto Tech spring sharp like on top of that crusto in return and puck that.

Slender they did kill tinker yeah his CS is doing much better he’s 16 and 2 and again especially with him getting that kill it’s actually pretty good news Monkey King.

Top lane shard block will hold him.

In here Bane not much you can do he.

Just saw something people on the like in but there’s too many too many things they’re asleep initially primal spring and they’re going for the kill and hang creepy front here he’s gonna spot some votes meanwhile ta dies in the middle a that’s a big hill for the dire side they are gonna.

Lose liking at the toss lotta his progress continues pretty damn good well keep an eye on see what he decides to go next and the ng ain’t rolling in Monkey King once again with that Jingu it’s alright here to battle with sleep gonna be taking off from the vein right there but now the chairs just running at it with.

Right-clicks of us creeps in himself crook you trying to finish the job it’s not gonna be yes it will be and actually critical in the way of liking as a wolf just run.

Him down for the kill snowball in the face from Gea she was just about to die so if it’s defensive and they get the killed first before just goes down so.

We see what those arcane boots finished jabs at level 2 blazing out while they’re going down there in the middle lane pick up the crush just.

Throwing out in feeble and I’m thinking what am I saying they didn’t crema Fleiss not gonna save their initially but he gets the kill with the Life Drain it sets up enough tickets enough.

Survivability to get that turn yellow nice job by the radiant side templar assassin 46 and 10 on top of well.

He’s oh one of one it’s not the prettiest there but his work on it top blameshanz wrapping around and if you want to push this tower but maybe go for the kill shaped if will be activated balance parkour to use and no doubt Monken King’s in trouble jeez does go.

Down elsewhere is gonna pop that would cause demand from the trees does he have any support coming it doesn’t look like it’s a very desperate play from.

Monkey king troll middle lane has a big army coming from chant-like annals running in response up from the radiant side puts on the March and that’s gonna be a dead troll most likely the rocket not enough damage initially trap does hit put the Talon strike will finish the job and it cuts them off the souls are real man these guys are just so damn slow problems bring in even if for the last o.


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