Hi guys welcome back to my channel and today I want to show you our vacation we have been gone a little bit here we went to Colorado so me and my husband and our four children we all went to honor like first vacation vacation as a family to Colorado and it was so much fun we went to a.

Family reunion up in the Rocky Mountains which was a blast we had so much fun seeing new family and also playing putt-putt golf and I’m playing Foursquare and swimming and dude all sorts of fun stuff and seeing.

All of our amazing family of course and then also we went into Denver and we did.

Like an amusement park there which was so much fun I really highly recommend it and then we also went.

To my sweet nephew’s wedding and we went to a zoo so like there are so much fun stuff happening.

On this trip and my kids did so good guys like I just have to brag on them for a little bit they did amazing on this trip so sometimes it’s hard for us to UM feel normal when we’re in places because we just have like tantrums and different things happen and like our kids did.

So good and I just looked like so blessed by by God on the whole trip he did.

So many awesome things and so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s just short clips of everything that happened on our vacation so so beautiful anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this see you guys next time bye left.

Is the Devils Tower it’s real pretty though but there is a double Tower or something but it’s still part of the badly so it’s kind of in the middle of a field The Devil’s Tower yeah but it’s.

So stupid isn’t it Auggie I don’t think I I don’t even think I would rock climb this without seeing here you guys definitely yeah I wouldn’t let you know not even the voice maybe maybe me and Augustin but.

That’s about it nope guys it’s so pretty look at that it’s much deeper than you think you get his name and if you fell one time you’d probably.

Be done because you keep falling and keep this is like magical you know it’s like a little water don’t step.

In you you you you I believe stuff yeah hi boys I can skin you love babe a baby you you that fine Jenny zebras there they.

Are they’re beautiful they’re awesome you like you guys I wish you’d just scale the fence so pretty it is peoples were a huge what has you hey don’t hit the glass don’t hit the glass you don’t want to scare him she’s beautiful what a beautiful animal isn’t she thinking too much to.

Match anyway Jenny she’s gonna fade that’s right I said it thank you cute there’s like so cool you like that it is amazing I wish you could watch it we wouldn’t be safe let him go so that’s why it tastes.

Nice first time having dippin dots my mom Ted you forgot we don’t have to go too Oh turn it off you.


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