Disney is exploring a reboot of its billion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise the studio has met with the writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and they are in early talks to write the script Reese and Warnock are the writers behind the first two deadpool blockbusters and before that wrote Zombieland and its sequel and six underground the.

That Michael Bay is directing from flicks with Ryan Reynolds starring Jerry Bruckheimer will continue to captain the ship as producer on Pirates of the Caribbean but at this point it is too early.

Else might be back and that includes Johnny Depp who has channeled Rolling Stones rogue Keith Richard and plane Jack Sparrow through the first five films it is not surprising the studio will try to breathe new pirate life into the franchise as the first five films grossed north of 4.5 billion dollars over 14 years WME reps were Nick and Reese thanks Mike Fleming jr.
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