Yeah guys my name is Elijah welcome back to god this is a show where we talk about everything in the world of football from the past week and this week we had a bit of a mixture between international men’s football and comfortable and also some historic things coming out of women’s football so without further ado let’s talk about.

All of that right now so first up in the International Bridge there were three big games this week the first one was Brazil versus Argentina.

Now we all know when Brazil and Argentina play it’s one of the biggest rivalries in.

Football when they play you just know it’s gonna be a show you know that there’s no such thing as a friendly between Brazil and Argentina it’s just it’s it’s a hundred percent every.
Single time or so we thought right but now there’s so much.

Money involved in the game you know these players are not trying to get injured when they go back to their clubs.

Some of them have Champions League football to play all of that stuff so.

The game wasn’t as entertaining as I think a lot of people would have liked I would have liked it to be a lot more just like I would have liked to see them try a lot more there wasn’t that same passion I mean we don’t want to see these guys fight and try to kill each other out there but it’s Brazil Argentina I mean like this.

Is like in history this is it this is that type of game this is the classical of international football but Brazil came away with the wind which I’m happy with but it could have been a lot more entertaining of these players they’re all quality players Messi wasn’t there but Neymar and a lot more of these world-class players with.

It so it should have been a lot more entertaining than they actually was and then we have Spain versus England now in the first half of this game England were killing Spain I mean attack after attack after attack Spain looked completely open in the defense those counter-attacks that England were.

Running were crazy I mean they scored three goals just in the first half against Spain Spain is set like has always been a team that plays good football but nowadays they just look weak I mean not to say that England just aren’t a good team.

And they’re not supposed to be beating Spain I mean they have so many young players and right now these long players like it’s looking great for the future of England but Spain just looked so open and they had they didn’t look like they had any inspiration just will.

To when they just look down in the first half I mean the second half they came back with two goals and then.

The last world that they scored would just.

Were basically the last kick of the game so they did really didn’t have time.

To come back and score more but England are really looking good I mean this World Cup really revived them and the fact that they have so many young players is a good sign for the future it doesn’t look like this is something that’s just right now these guys if they keep building they keep with their clubs they keep playing really good together.

They’re gonna do great things it’s looking good for them but Spain need to get it right together because it’s not looking good for them and they don’t have as many young players as France or England and speaking French.

They beat Germany 2-1 during their game another game that was decent not a whole lot of goals the winning goal was a penalty but again France came away.

With the win Germany have been slacking also for a long time now I mean that descent kind of came right.

After they won the World Cup France is still on top right now but for Spain and now Germany this.

There’s this trend now where these teams win a World Cup and then right after that they go into this descent I.

Mean Germany got eliminated by South Korea and this woke up and now they keep losing games they’re not playing as well even though Sanne is back so they have that attacking force but it doesn’t there’s.

Missing and when they so once they really put their finger on it then the team can really start flowing a lot better but with that being it for men’s.

International football this week the reggae girls which is jamaica’s international women’s team qualified for the World Cup in France next year now they are the first four ever Caribbean.

Team Caribbean women’s team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup there’s a coincidence that the men’s team for the first time.
Qualified for the World Cup in 94 and it was gonna be in.

France and now the women did it and it’s gonna be in France it’s just it’s like destiny it’s crazy but congratulations to them it’s a big big step and they just made history and hopefully they can play.

Really well and represent their country well and who knows maybe pull up an upset they’re all going into the competition as underdogs I mean Germany and China Japan France the US are so so strong in women’s football but anything can happen if.

There’s a sport we’re really underdogs can shine is football so hopefully they played their best game and they come out with.

A great result now it’s a club football Real Madrid and lose yet again no Christiano no party we thought Bale was gonna there was.

Gonna step up all these other players Modred’s just one is winning every award individual award in football and what’s happening to the team Marcello’s injured which is a big miss to the team right now but Rio has depth reality really has players but they’re not what’s happening megistus what what’s happening what’s the team doing now they’re out of the top four in.

The league barsa won their game which we’re gonna talk about Brielle is losing.

And they’re running out of time I mean and classical is next week and they really don’t want to be embarrassed because that’s just going from worse to worse every single week you have the Champions League coming up with it’s.

Not looking great for them at all which goes to show I mean was Cristiano and of course Marcelo who they’re missing right now or these guys just the pillars that hold up the team together and is it the new coach is it is it on leaving making it seem a lot weaker there’s a problem there for sure because they’re not getting great results she used the smile but anyways on the other side barcelona won 4-2 against Sevilla.


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