Good morning it is my first official day at beaches Turks and Caicos it is a beautiful day it is sunny outside it’s warm so I have my son Sudan we’re getting ready to head to the beach I’m gonna show you just a quick peek at the room I got all my stuff unpacked last night I was tired I.

Talented up and it was like 17 hours of flying and lay overs and all I was just tired when I got here and I hadn’t eaten in they give.

You a drink right when you get here and is so so good so I drank it too fast and then I was like oh I haven’t eaten.

Anything that was a bad idea so I have no clue where there comes across the vlogs but when I was walking around last night I just sit down for.

A minute cuz I got like lightheaded but I found something to eat everything was fine and I had a good night’s sleep last night so I’m ready to take on the day I’ve got my makeup on more for just extra coverage on my face to hopefully not get Sun burnt to a crisp than anything else let me show you I unpacked my.

Things in the closet over here and then we’re gonna go.

Explore around the resorts so I’ve got all my items I’m bringing with me I have a giant floppy Sun Hat cuz I really truly am going to try not to get sunburned I.

Wrap my beach bag with a towel in it and then just some essentials up here and then last night I unpacked and got everything hung up so this is from my beach cover-up in the swimsuit I’m wearing right now you can see I’ve got.

A couple swimsuits there have my kind of flew more planes like clothes some shorts hanging up with some casual tops and then down here all the different dresses there’s different colors.

For each day I tried to get you know most of the colours incorporated in somehow but I’m gonna be probably wearing this dress tonight because it’s supposed.

To be like a coral like orange e peach color.

Is of the day so this is pretty close and then I’ve got my dresses for the rest of the evenings and everything hanging up I’ve got my shoes right there and my suitcase so there’s plenty of room in here and over here I did my makeup this morning so I got all of my stuff sitting.

Out here you can see I’m wearing my.

Black Aparri swimsuit you can’t see the swimsuit but I’m wearing that cover-up I got it Kohl’s and I absolutely love it it’s nice and light and I can tell it’s gonna do well after it gets wet it’ll dry pretty quickly so I absolutely love it so let’s go explore around the resort so a little sneak peak here and what it looks.

Like outside you can see that it’s a beautiful day so I love this kind of just step.

Out veranda we’ve got the chairs here and you’ve got a place to hang up your swimsuits to dry and then our pool is right over there so that to be checking in later it kind of like a pop-up lounge and you can see.

The exterior a lot better this morning so we’re gonna go walk around and explore and I will take you along as I trek find a place to eat breakfast there’s lots of places and even though this is the French village then I’m going to walk over to.

One of the other areas for breakfast this morning beautiful village there’s kimonos and I think that we have a reservation there one night that’s I believe the only place you need reservations there’s gonna be a fish fry over here tonight you can see that each area has its own kind of architecture and feel I give the.

Sun is hot it is very like hot on your skin I went ahead and put the hat on because I have it with me I was.

Gonna wait till I got to the beach after breakfast but it is hot here’s the inference to pirates Island the water park area and now I’m going.
Into the Italian Village area and.

This is where I’m probably going to try to find breakfast we’ve got different shops over here and there’s supposed to be some seaside dining that’s what I’m looking for this morning ceej village area has its own.

Pool this is the Italian village I love the different fountains just walk over here real quick on the way to the restaurant and look at the pool very nice I like how I have different levels the little fountains in there I’ve got a zero.

Depth in theory on the side of all of them my breakfast at birth if I see so I’m just gonna order off the menu I’m thinking about trying either the honey waffles or one.

Of these down here or they even have a shrimp and crab omelet let me just get something fairly light though this is gonna be out in.

The heat well I tie it in before I got a video but anyhow here’s the pancakes and the side of bacon and I think they said they were out of peaches so they substituted pears and syrup is really good it’s like a honey ginger syrup it’s very very good come up the.

Beach again use one of the showers and slip washes you get the sand so I’m on the other side of.

This is the seaside villa area with some nice hammocks you could just lay by the sea and relax they have their own pool over here and there’s a there’s Neptune’s it’s.

Right by the sea in the villa area and they swing and grab some water at this restaurant around the corner we’ll go around front and through the name it’s the very end of ho we’ve got all the schedules.

Out there and this is the sky rooftop restaurant I bet that one’s fun at night so you’ve got all the seating up.

Top he’s cute can’t go crossing signs which I have actually seen geckos running around that’s cute there’s a little geckos on the pass stay in the shade as much.

As possible because I know myself and I know that I turn into pink like I’m immediately after a mini Sun the ocean is right there next resort this is the backside just nice to be able to have a little bit of time to do that trip restaurant in there these things about 20 some one of them depending on what you’re wanting it pulls a little bit busier had a bit of fun in the Sun this morning at to check out the beach in the.

Pool got to try out the swim up bar and I’m gonna take a walk through the resort shop see what they have to offer and then it’s gonna be time to get to business and I’m gonna go register for the conference and we have our first conference activity tonight we’ve got some cute bags a pair like the Turks and Caicos pineapple one it’s fun some foot box if you leave your as a home I may end up getting another hat.

While I’m here I like this one it’s got a big bright stress in the middle of it just Christmas or women’s that’s the guy’s some trucks my goodness Murray made little Wednesday’s this cute they have beach toys if you don’t want to have to fall out on the plane which I’m sure you probably don’t want to have to kids swim shoes no steffie’s and some noodles pretty much a.

Little bit of selection of everything goggle mass we would be ones to come down here and forget those sets because if they have those in the shop and then this is my selection of women’s clothing over here too and some jewelry go explore this way just a little bit because I didn’t come this way earlier Bombay is over here you should definitely want to check.

That at some point because they have Indian cuisine and I tend to like Indian cuisine I’ve got Dino’s italiana just right over here and.

It looks like there’s some quick service where you can get drinks I’m actually go get myself a drink real quick sitting down having my drink real quick and this one little cloud went over it’s sprinkling just a little bit there’s a marketplace where.

You can actually exit it’s right next to the resort but it’s you can exit in local artisans have things out there and then I’m going to walk down here and there is the water park on the way to go to.

Where I need to check in there’s a lazy river that’s going through and they have to go try that out in a little bit you can go to the water slide up there we’ve got a surfing simulation a smaller waterslide there’s the kids time to ship play area on this side is where the.

Waterslide jump out at different splashy areas here in the backside there is a teen lounge and then the smaller slides come over here in this area and there is the mac and cheese check that I saw this morning and only right now it is open and I am headed back.

Village and this is where the registration is leave this up at the top on the other side of the pool over there go get items I need to register and drop them off that my room definitely see better.

During the daytime it’s lunchtime now and it walked back over to the Bayside restaurant over on the Key West Side’s you have lunch so I tried a little bit of everything from the buffet there’s curry chicken there’s snapper some couple different salads I get they had a meat cheese tray I tried a couple things after there and then some fruit and.

Then any beautifully can’t beat the view for sure I’m also considering it my duty to test out the desserts for you guys so I got some German chocolate cake some marble cheese cake and then.

A chocolate cupcake to try out the next to the kids area is this cute little ice-cream stand and it has small little chairs and tables for the kids to sit down and you can come up and get regular shakes or.

Frozen yogurt here’s some of the flavors and then they have over the top.

Shake too called curls and swirls I think I’m gonna try it birthday cake yogurt that was a productive morning and I had to see I lost the.

Hull hold property I didn’t get over to the Caribbean village there side very much but we’re gonna be there tonight had some great food had a lot of fun I look.

Like the hot mess Express right now I totally get that I’m getting ready to go take a shower and.


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