As you guys can tell it’s super windy I’m in the dark right now but hey guys welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel today we’re going to Disneyland or tonight 7:22 p. and we are literally barely going to the parks right now we’ve waited until traffic died down because you know how we live in Los.

Angeles so let’s make this a good trip the wind is gonna impact your trip I think it’s gonna be a blustery day the Hundred Acre Wood no yes.

This is our route traffic at 7:30 p.

and a Monday night whoo the ball shoots and terrible drivers here in Los Angeles.

Terrible just terrible this is not the glamorous part of Los Angeles so don’t move here. and we are here alright everyone welcome back to my channel today we’re at Disneyland and it is October 15th it’s a Monday night got my.
Sweater on she got her long sleeve along and it is 8:28 p.

we’re here tonight just to chill see.

Lagoon ride and I think we’re gonna do in credit coasters so instead of your first time going on at night so that’s a big deal but as always subscribe like this video and fall search media got my fresh kicks on it looks too nice at night Wow we haven’t been at night in a really long time it.

Looks even better with the Halloween overlap beautiful twinkly and lions oh my gosh Turpin is here she’s any which one are you I’m pretty sure so how much is the only 119 see Mary I need this panel over she get this or this.

Are these are some new pens agir yes my goodness – nice forgot how scary.

The holidays hello Mike and Sulley that’s spider-man meeting a chick and we got Captain America’s photo spot going around through frozen guardians of galaxy monsters after dark okay how are we gonna get to forgive this cars land oh my god this is so embarrassing well I’m just gonna sit here 90-minute wait well I guess we’re going back around again so embarrassing okay entering Carson at night and love these lights so pretty the mountains for the rocks okay and get ready to see the prettiest Rob’s you’ve ever seen in your life all right are they mountains.

Are rocks what should we call them oh wow the Halloween overlays soap oh my goodness she’s literally.

Running away from me right now you’re running how do you like these rocks they are beautiful I’m running like this whole trip Oh yummy look at this oh my gosh crossing him Oh hello lamplight lounge hello knick knacks we’re gonna wait 35 minutes we’re.

Gonna do it I’ve done it at 914 are you excited to see this the classic coaster grenade mama dada the corporation’s call its energy so it was a 15-minute way I’m not ready don’t you die so how was it and but experience was times.

100 at night literally only a 15-minute wait so I’m glad we waited Oh no line what a nice view we need to go guys bye-bye. bear oh my goodness good night DCA you were a treat all right no Little Mermaid we got that deal.

To do we got plans ah goo lagoon oh how cute is this he’s holding a little Mickey Jack O’Lantern a beautiful sight oh my goodness it’s wild here in DC area goodnight Aggie what you say not easy you guys hear the wind meets you I hear the wind too Oh almost Disneyland even though I was.


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