This is God’s favor it’s a blessing our God is good and His mercies and just forevermore amen I’m pastor two more and I say you’re welcome to today’s edition of life coaching live on Facebook this is a platform where we sex men up with God for a glorious turnaround and we are supply side side to be here again.

For the opportunity to be able to use the opportunity to say thank you for you that be joining us for this program thank you for your kind coming to your previous your likes and the shears we.

Pray that the Lord that began the good work in our lives and unites we profess it unto the day of Jesus Christ amen what are we looking at today this series we started couple of weeks ago on unveiling the faces of the Antichrist the Lord has given us insight to see some.
Of these hidden faces these deceptive faces of the Antichrist that is.

Already oppression in the world today the Bible says in first John chapter 2 verse 8 that’s given right now there are already many Antichrist in the world are you aware that there are Antichrist in the world are you aware they already operating and the holy spirit of you to know some of those faces today were looking at one of those faces of the.

Antichrist very deceptive and it’s called the the New Age culture the New Age culture are you aware that there is a move going on in the world today that is causing us to develop a globalized culture a globalized way of talking a globalized way of behaving of dressing of trading a globalized way of expressing witnesses of lawlessness is a hidden.

Agenda behind this is there an intention for this generally assets are known so that many people that are not cut into this web of this Eden Antichrist will look as if you are an odd man out is there an attempt to undermine the authority of Christ is an attempt to steal to kill and to destroy what you stand for in Christ Jesus the New.

Age culture creping right into the world’s day raising a new double a standard of of moral society correctness what we believe in today is not what we believe in 10 years ago yet it is already asserted as I know a globalized culture New Age culture unveiling the faces of the Antichrist this is our focus for today I want you to invite your friend.

To let us look into this thing together get your rights in material gets your Bible.

Ready let us search the Scriptures together the Bible says the days are evil.

Indeed the Antichrist are ready in the world are you.

Cutting the web of this Antichrist already are you sensitive to the most of the Spirit of God how are you guiding yourself against this force that Lucas if is so in someone table.

I pray for you today that the oh my god because the eye is about understanding to be open that your money God will open our eyes so that we might see details from the scriptures today this Antichrist is already in the water captaining the dawah that is a Russian Mina we must steal him primarily still in from men’s casinos to undermine our Authority concen meant to defy the temple of the Most High knowing that if the temple is.

The fire God cannot dwell in that temple can see consummate to lose their consciousness of the authority of the greatness of God that we carry the.


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