What’s going on in Crewe my name is Andrew welcome back to a brand new exciting video all right guys so today I’ve got a quick video for you explaining how to do this Sam colder vertical Instagram video this is like the easiest way to make your Instagram videos not only stand out but also look like a hundred times.

More professional also guys one more thing I’m sorry one more thing before we hop into this tutorial you guys are not pulling about an Instagram well excuse you you guys should.

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Anyways guys let’s take it down a couple of notches hop into Premiere Pro and start talking about this effect right here I’ve got the intro you guys just watched and I want to export this out for.

Instagram I’m probably not actually gonna use this on Instagram I’m gonna tweak a couple things and post it like next week or something like that but let’s just say that I’m gonna post it on Instagram as you guys can see right now it is not vertical it’s widescreen and.
That’s not going to look good on.

Instagram so what you do is you have to go over and find your sequence my sequence is named Instagram sequence it wasn’t originally called that it was originally called the name of the first clip I dragged into the timeline but I changed it to Instagram sequence just to.

Keep things a little bit more organized what you’re going to do is select your sequence hit ctrl C and then hit control V on Mac it’s gonna be command C command V now I’ve duplicated our sequence and I’m just going to name this Instagram sequence copy the reason why I copied it instead of just adjusting it directly is just in case we mess anything up we’ve got this backup original sequence to go to so now what I’m gonna do is go back over to my project.

Panel right click on this sequence and then I’m going to go all the way up and hit sequence settings what we’re gonna be messing around with is this video section and specifically the frame size we’re gonna change this horizontal frame size from 3840 to 1842 we’re going to change the vertical to 2,304 now if you hit OK as you guys can see it’s instantly changed our sequence settings to the Instagram 4 by 5 vertical dimensions it’s so so easy and I promise you it will make.

Your clips look so much more professional now there are a couple things after tweak the first thing is I need to take off this a letterbox effect so that gets rid of those bars on the top and then what I have to do is just go through and scale up parts of my clip to fill the frame for some clips you’re gonna want.

To adjust the position of it so I’m gonna change this position.

That I’m gonna drag it over just so it’s a little bit more centered that looks terrible we need to definitely just this one.
Keep going through this one needs to go down.

A bit just keep methodically going through your clips and scaling them up or dragging them up as needed okay so now let’s say I’m completely done I’ve made all of my Justin’s and it’s.

Time to export our clip it’s super simple you do it the same way as you would any other clip I’m gonna set my out point right here.

By hitting a on my keyboard and then I’m gonna hit ctrl M on PC or command M on Mac I’m gonna select where I want.

Save it to my desktop and then you’re gonna go down and hit match source and then everything else looks good I’m.

Gonna select use maximum render quality and then I’m also going to select render at maximum depth and I think that’s pretty much it so all you have to do now is hit export alright guys so the video just finished exporting if we go over.

To the desktop oh man I’ve got a messy messy desktop and I open up this Instagram sequence copy as guys to see it plays through so if you upload this to Instagram you’ll get that nice 4 by 5 vertical video look just like Sam coder it is awesome so let’s play through the video and I’m actually gonna be using.
My new background light I have these new.

Background lights and I can actually hook them up to my computer.

And the colors will change depending on.

What is playing on the screen so if I actually pull up this video as you guys can see the colors will change as we play it and that is pretty much it guys thank you guys so much for watching this video once again if you guys have not followed me on Instagram then follow.

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So much for watching this video and I’ll catch you guys on Wednesday peace.


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